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„Presentation and Live performance“
Presentation about the use and value of sound and music in firms and teams, in combination with a concert of Thomas Schauffert.

Module 1: „Internal corporate sound“

We produce for our customer his own “Sound/Song” The customer is actively involved with his sounds or lyrics.

Module 2: „Seminar“
Each participant gets his own sound instrument to express himself.
e.g. Drums, snare, triangle, piano, harmonica, trompete, vocals, or he brings his own instrument. Several exercises are possible:

  • Rhythm

  • Harmony

  • Melody

  • Conductor

Possible training aim: learn to listen, communicate, self responsibility, the sound of the team,
anchoring, team vision.

Module 3: „Overcoming“
Demand your top management. Your top team become musicians in a short time and give a
concert performance. We will record this professionally and produce your song out of it.

Module 4: „One is always adaptive“
80% of the people repent that they never learned an instrument.
80% of the people believe they are not musical and can also never learn.
Demand yourselves out...

  • Music must make fun, not everyone must be Mozart.

  • instruction on the instrument

  • communication and sensoric skills

  • breath freely and give space to your voice

  • communication with music, expression of feelings, take over the rhythm, come into harmony

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