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"Find real love connections in a world of meaningless sex."

We help managers, leaders, individuals and couples to break more free from pornography, prostitution, and extreme sex play, often including drugs and alcohol, that is destroying their lives, careers, and their families.

We help you to reduce your money and time spendings into these topics.

You will get more financial and spiritual freedom again and a new positive life!

Thomas Schauffert and Mya Diamond help you to get your life in balance again with their unique, diverse coaching program tailored to your specific situation so that your life is back in your desired balance fast. Contact us today for help!

Call us now +41 79 372 69 23 or mail to thomas@ths-development.net

Please watch our films for this topic bellow. 

If addiction therapy is needed, then we enjoy working with HOFFMANN medical consulting & coaching.

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