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Some wisdom for you!

How to expand your consciousness!

1. What do you desire in life? You must focus your thoughts on what you really want.

2. You must make a definite decision to accept the fulfillment of your desires.

3. Your desires cannot be fulfilled in the outer world of experience and form unless you have the consciousness or mental equivalent for them.

4. The first step in biulding the mental equivalent is to recognize that the Divine Idea corresponding to your desire already exists in your Superconsciousness. This is the intellectual awareness.

5. But an intellectual awareness alone does not have sufficient power to shape the outer picture. Your feeling nature must also be brought into play. When the two are combined, a powerful reaction takes place in the subjective phase of mind, setting up a vibration that corresponds to the spiritual equivalent of fulfillment in your Superconsciousness.

6. This fusion of mind and heart along the lines of a particular desire-fulfillment—if protected from thoughts to the contrary—will develop into a conviction. The conviction of mental equivalent becomes the pattern through which the Creative Energy of Mind flows or radiates. As this Energy, Light, Power, Substance passes through the pattern, it takes on all the attributes of the pattern and goes forth into the outer world to manifest corresponding circumstances, experiences and form.

7. Do not outline the way your desire is to be fulfilled— do not be concerned with how your good is to come forth. You must trust the wisdom and ingenuity of the Power, which is God.

8. You develop your subjective convictions through a dedicated program of contemplative meditation, affirmations, and the proper use of your power of imagination.

9. Be filled with a sense of thankfulness and gratitude that your desires are already fulfilled (they are in Mind), and that they will come forth into visibility at the right time and in the right way.

10. Be active! If you just sit around and wait for your good to fall into your lap, your lap may be far removed from the point of contact and channel that the Power has selected specifically for the outpouring of your good.

,,Now read this over and over again, study over it, until it sinks into you."

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