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Leadership is a decision!
Leadership is a lifetime commitment.
Leadership is developed within. 
Leadership is dedicated to a cause and a mission and not just a goal.
Leadership is not for those who don’t like big challenges.
Leadership will test every fibre in your body.
Leadership is not celebrity status.
Leadership is made up of courage, persistence and love.
Leadership will make you wealthy.
Your leadership can make other humans wealthy.

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Always at the pulse of time.

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Thomas Schauffert actually began playing the trumpet as young child at the age of 8. At the same time he was also learning the flute. Yet it wasn’t until he had to stop his career as a tennis player, due to an injury of his wrist, that he was drawn intensely to his other big love “CM”: Creating Music. At around 16 he learned to play the harmonica and at around 19 he started the study of Hammond-Organ.

Thomas Schauffert experience
Thomas Schauffert experience and carreer

At the start of his 20´s, while completing his Swiss military service, he began to write lyrics and compose music. After that he learned to play the keyboards and piano, drumming, percussion, singing and most other instruments that came into his hands. Thomas S. did play many big stages, such as at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Klewenalp Openair, Albis Güetli Country Fesitval and TV-shows. As a composer and producer Thomas S. has worked together with well known professionals from the music business such as Guy Fletcher, Shele Sondheim, Cornelius Kreusch, Finn Martin, Patrick Yatatchi, Sandra Wild, Nu Pachino, Fiat Frost, Elena House.
With “Thomas S. World Music Orchestra” Thomas S. is playing worldwide shows with his carefully selected hi class orchestra members and guest stars.
Thomas S. has produced 5 world music albums under the former Name of “Thomas Heinz”.
Master in electrical engineering, Life -Coach, Musician, Composer, Producer, Manager, Business man, Consultant, Networker.

Thomas Schauffert experience

He is an electromecanic and electrical engineer. Further he trained himself at the jazz school with various teachers and courses as a musician, composer and producer.

For over 15 years he is active in leading positions as manager for different companies in the branches machine industry, retail trade and enterprise services. He completed seminars in Coaching, Changemanagement, Productmanagement, safety engineering and others. On the other hand it is concerned since more than 20 years with the composition and production of sounds and music pieces. Thomas Schauffert plays piano, keyboard, trumpet, horn, mellophone, drums, percussion, harmonica and sings. Numerous productions, among others with Guy Fletcher, have his signature.

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